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om ▓CRI and local publicity department. Two of our group gave a couple of speech on behalf of all the winners. 銆€銆€All winners received beautiful▓ certificates at the award ceremony. The frame of the certificate was engraved with the eight Tibetan symbols. It w▓as a nice present. 銆€銆€After the ceremony, I w

as interviewed by the Tibet Television. I think that I can see myself in television tomorro▓w evening. 銆€銆€We also had a very pleasant morning, vi▓siting the Lalu Wetland and the Lhasa Museum. 銆€銆€Pict▓ure taken on July 3, 2009, shows some reeds and a herd of cattle in the Lalu wetland, Lhasa, capital of so

uthwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. (Source: CRIENGLISH.com]銆€銆€The Lalu Wetland lies in the outskirt of Lhasa city. It is the home of many wild birds. The wetland h▓as been developed over the last ten years ▓with the support of the local government. Before that it was just some grazing land. It now prov

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ides a good▓ habitat for wildlife. 銆€銆€In the distance we could ▓see quite a lot of cattle, who were grazing▓ on the areas near the wetland. They are owned by farmers in the neighboring area▓. It was nice to go to an area that is acclaime

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d as 鈥楪reen Lung' in Lhasa. It does a lot for the environ▓ment. 銆€銆€The Lhasa Museum is a very large museum. It's a pity that we only had time to see certain part of it. We had a very interesting tour of▓ the historical artifacts goin

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g back to the Neolithic times. The items found in the region show how people lived a long time ago. I think the most important part was the cultural section about the musical instruments and masks they used in drama, and for festivals.

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